TVA and Radio-Canada at the Amos Cathedral Construction Site

Restoration work at the Sainte-Thérèse-d’Avila cathedral is going well in Amos. Since May 2021, Atwill-Morin Québec has been repairing the exterior walls, replacing the windows and repairing the roof of the heritage building. This restoration, the cost of which will amount to more than $6M, will prove to be painstaking work. Not only will 55,000 bricks be supported in the long term, but each of the 3,600 Amos stones must be measured and clearly identified in order to be reproduced identically.

“We prepared in advance. We came here before, onboard an elevated platform, to take measurements of every singular stone. One by one, we put them in a laying plan. Using Autocad to then transfer them to our stone supplier, to have exactly the same stones in the end. We are aware of he challenges: if the wrong stone arrives or if it is not numbered correctly, it could ruin everything for the rest of the project,” argues Sébastien Delli Colli, president of Atwill-Morin Quebec.

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