MU : Transform Montreal

Atwill-Morin and Impact échafaudage are proud partners of MU, for the love of culture and of children.

We support MU’s mission to beautify the city of Montreal by creating murals that are anchored in local communities. At the heart of its approach is the desire to see and experience art on a daily basis, to trigger a social transformation and to turn Montreal into an open-air art MUseum!



The Atwill-Morin Scaffolding team provides safe and innovative access for the artists.

«The quality of service we receive is impressive. It has often been necessary to innovate for the artists to paint in hard-to-reach places. Martin, Oleg, Benjamin and their teams of experts have always answered our call and took up the challenges.»

– Elizabeth-Ann Doyle, cofounder, general and artistic director.

How can we Bring your Project to Life ?

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We show respect for the jobs entrusted to us by constantly focusing on our ultimate goal: bringing our clients’ ideas and vision to life.

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