Scaffolding rental service in Montreal

Custom scaffolding quickly assembled and installed on your job site, on time and on budget.

Turnkey scaffolding, from design to assembly and installation

Whatever the size of your project, we’ll take care of the scaffolding so you can get to work quickly, efficiently and safely. Custom design, on-site assembly and meticulous installation: we take care of everything.

  • Rosette and frame scaffolding
  • Swing stages and mast-climbing platforms
  • Load-bearing scaffolding
  • Mobile or fixed scaffolding
  • Custom scaffolding
  • Debris chutes, nets, tarps and debris netting
  • Temporary site fencing
  • Frame and rosette staircases
  • Work Platforms
  • Slab supports, shoring and underpinning
  • Temporary protection
  • Loading dock

Warehouse and operations

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For scaffolding in Montreal, you can count on Atwill Morin

Scaffolding when and where it counts

Our Montreal team responds quickly to your requests in order to speed up your work.

We understand your reality

We adapt our scaffolding installation to your projects, no matter the unforeseen events on the job site.

Professional advice

Our experience on worksites and with atypical structures makes us the ideal partner for your construction and renovation projects.

A solid network of partners

Whatever your challenges, our team of trusted specialists will find solutions.

Wide product availability

The scaffolding you need… we have it.

Montreal's most innovative scaffolding team

The challenges on the MAESTRIA condo construction site?  Difficult-to-reach locations that called for unprecedented solutions. See how our designers, project managers and technical draftspersons innovated.

Questions from our customers

What type of scaffolding should I choose?

  • Workers moving from one floor to another on the site: scaffolding stairs and stair towers.
  • Securing the site for the duration of the work: temporary fencing.
  • Fast, economical installation: frame scaffolding.
  • Windows & Glass installation, masonry and exterior cladding installation: swing stages and modular platforms
  • Supporting heavy loads and transporting materials on site: unloading docks.
  • Delivering materials to the worksite and accessing freight elevators: high-capacity unloading docks.
  • Facade work and roof access: mast climbers and work platforms, covering more floors and requiring fewer anchors than traditional scaffolding
  • Long-term aesthetic pedestrian protection: discover a new, reinvented scaffolding technology, with a harmonious design that keeps the street level shops and businesses accessible.

What can you expect from a good scaffolding supplier?

  • He has built up expertise that he wants to share with others.
  • He owns his own equipment, so he's not dependent on any third party.
  • Representatives who visit jobsites to assess regulatory access needs and identify parameters (access challenges, where pedestrians need to be protected, where trucks will have to pass, etc.).
  • Short response times.
  • Unique proposals, tailored to the needs of each project
  • Design and engineering services for customized scaffolding, for non-standard projects.
  • He has a large inventory of scaffolding.
  • He has several teams of experienced scaffolders ready to work
  • He understands last-minute realities and knows how to adapt to customer needs.

My project is out of the ordinary: can you help me?

Yes, our team can custom-design all the scaffolding you need, regardless of the size or complexity of your project.

For example, our team designed a set of scaffolding to assemble the facades and soffits of the Maestria project footbridge in Montreal. Our team of engineers, designers and draughtspersons also designed a 20-meter scaffolding assembly to overhang a pit, and a winch rail system to transport stones for masonry repairs at St. Joseph's Oratory. Contact us to find out how we can help you!

Montreal projects that came to life using our scaffolding

Montreal projects that came to life using our scaffolding

Our Montreal customers, satisfied with their scaffolding

Our scaffolding, the backbone of your projects!

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