Industrial, commercial and institutional masonry in Toronto

Renowned in the industry for outstanding heritage conservation, brick and stone repointing and cleaning, we have the expertise to complete your masonry project.

Atwill-Morin: masonry experts in Toronto with 60 years of experience

Our team can provide expert masonry restoration, repair, and repointing services. We approach each restoration project with respect for the building’s heritage and a knowledge of best practices for building preservation.

  • Stone and brick removal, reinstallation, replacement or repointing
  • Restoration of heritage buildings including insert repairs (dutchman), veneer, stone cutting and finishing
  • Lintel replacement, installation of helical anchors and structural reinforcement of masonry
  • Wall reconstruction, replacement of stone supports and architectural arches

We also offer masonry services for all types of commercial and institutional new build structures in Toronto. Our dedicated team will take the time to understand your project and provide exceptional exterior or interior brick and stonework, to turn your vision into a reality. Our masonry services include:

  • Exterior/interior brick and stonework
  • Installation of concrete blocks or interior concrete block walls
  • Installation of new brick and masonry

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We are the specialized masonry experts you can rely on for professional advice and expert skill. Our team will accompany you through each step and identify the best techniques and practices for your project. With 60 years of experience, we guarantee your masonry project will be in good hands.

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Brick and stone preservation and restoration: expert information

The ins and outs of repointing

Repointing is an essential part of building conservation. We perform masonry repointing to prevent water infiltration and damage caused by mortar degradation or faulty structure behind the brickwork. We identify and address the exact cause of the damage to mitigate any further impact, just as our team did on this project.

Preserving the building’s heritage

We specialize in the conservation of heritage buildings with masonry structures, like churches, hospitals, educational institutions and more. We pair innovative techniques like laser scan point clouds and laser cleaning, with restoration services that include stone replacement, brick restoration, Dutchman, pin and fill repairs and crack repairs. The Dutchman technique involves forming a stone puzzle piece to fit perfectly into a cut out damaged area.

Introducing bim 360 technology

A modern technique in masonry restoration, BIM 360 is a cloud-based construction project management software that allows us to map and tag exact points for a building restoration and track our progress so that we can sculpt the specific shape for the replacement, repair and restoration needs of the project.

Professional restoration cleaning

We offer reliable and effective masonry cleaning in Toronto, as we performed on Massey Hall, amongst other projects. Over time, buildings may experience changes in color, look or texture. Our innovative cleaning methods include laser technology developed in Canada to clean built-up carbon deposits and biofilms without damaging the stone or brickwork.

Our Toronto masonry projects

Our Toronto masonry projects

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