Proud to announce the creation of Atwill-Morin LCM

Atwill-Morin is known as an industry leader in heritage conservation. We are very proud to announce the creation of a new division that will allow us to expand our services and expertise on heritage projects: Atwill Morin LCM (Lead, Copper, and Metal). This new division, led by industry expert Brian Marshall, is dedicated to providing specialized services in heritage and ornamental metal roofing. Our focus will be on everything related to lead, copper, and metal flashings, including repairs and reproductions of ornate existing roofs.  

Brian will oversee all aspects of operations and brings a wealth of experience and professionalism to Atwill-Morin LCM. As specialists in heritage masonry and envelope systems, the addition of this new division further solidifies our position as experts in heritage fields and will help provide consistency and continuity on projects.

Atwill-Morin LCM undertakes a meticulous approach to heritage roofing projects, whether it’s intricate ornamental work or installing metal flashings. Our team is dedicated to preserving the historical value of structures. Clients can rely on our expertise not only in masonry and envelope systems, but also in the highly specialized trade of metal, copper, and lead roofs. Our clients can expect seamless integration and experience that upholds the highest standards in heritage conservation. As we continue to evolve, our commitment to excellence, ensuring that every aspect of our clients’ projects will receive the same level of expertise and care that Atwill-Morin is renowned for.

How can we Bring your Project to Life ?

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We show respect for the jobs entrusted to us by constantly focusing on our ultimate goal: bringing our clients’ ideas and vision to life.

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