Centraide of Greater Montreal

Let’s all lend a hand : Without the burden of poverty and exclusion, we can all rise up.

The Atwill-Morin family is among the philanthropists who choose Centraide to contribute to the social development of Greater Montreal and provide a safety net for vulnerable members of the population.

Centraide raises money and invests it locally to fight poverty and social exclusion. Centraide supports a network of effective and community-driven agencies and projects. Centraide’s actions leave a lasting impact on the living conditions of the most vulnerable members of society.

For our family, sharing is a key value. We’ve had great success with our family business, which my brothers and I took over 20 years ago. I personally found out about Centraide through a workplace campaign when I was recruited to sit on a fundraising committee. I learned a lot about Centraide’s mission, about poverty in Greater Montreal, and about Centraide’s strategic investments. My wife and I chose to continue our personal support of Centraide of Greater Montreal to set an example for our children. It’s important for us to explain that sometimes people need some help to move forward and that we are responsible as citizens to share our resources.” – Jonathan Atwill-Morin

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